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Sunday, March 9, 2008

It's Baby Weight, You Meanies!

Lisa Marie Presley, now Mrs. Michael Lockwood, is suing the Daily Mail over reports that she had gained weight. She says that once journalists began speculating that she was putting on the pounds, just like her late father Elvis had, "`they have been like a pack of coyotes circling their prey whilst eerily howling with delight.' "  She claims that in essence, she has been forced into disclosing the news about her pregnancy before she would have. She also alleges that some articles have suggested that she and her mother Priscilla have argued over her weight when that is not the case. "It's like, 'she's gonna die like her father', 'her and her mom are in a fight because of her weight' - that's not true at all. It's just awful stuff.'" Read more here in a BBC story.

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