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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Children Loose in a Virtual World

As parents and governments try to track their behavior and prevent their access to material that might be harmful to them, children and teens simply move more quickly to evade monitoring as well as to sites that are more fashionable and which are unfamiliar to the adults in their lives. Consider what youngsters are doing in the UK, where they successfully misrepresent their ages to get around online protections (and there's no reason to think young people elsewhere are behaving differently). UK regulators, parents, and school authorities are waiting for a report from psychologist Tanya Byron, appointed by PM Gordon Brown to look into how children interact with online technology. She's expected to suggest that parents put family computers in easily supervised areas, such as communal spaces--a no-brainer. But what else? And how long before those under 18 crack any new behavioral or technological codes? 

Link: Institute for Public Policy Research: A Generation of Youth Are Being Raised "Online"

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