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Monday, February 11, 2008

WGA Membership Votes Tuesday On Deal, Strike Probably Over

More Presidential primary results will not be the only news breaking on Tuesday--the WGA membership will vote--finally--on whether to go back to work after a strike that has lasted since last fall. The script has writers going back to work Wednesday. First to benefit will be the late night talk shows. Then come the rest of the awards shows including the Oscars, although it seemed clear that most if not all of those would have gotten a pass from the striking scribes. Finally, us--the viewers, since the writers would be busy, busy, working on the regularly scripted, and long-suffering dramas, which have been on hiatus. What will the writers get from this deal? Apparently what they wanted--a percentage of profits from new media deals. Next on the horizon might be a strike by SAG (Screen Actors Guild) members. Read more here and here.

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