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Friday, February 22, 2008

Actor Will Smith Wins Damages Over Defamatory Statement

Actor Will Smith, the star of such films as "Hitch" and "I Am Legend", has won damages and an apology from World Entertainment News Network (WENN) over a statement published by WENN which alleged that Mr. Smith had said that dictator Adolf Hitler "was a good person." The statement was published in an interview with the actor in December. Mr. Smith's attorney told London's High Court that "The allegation is false and without any foundation. It wholly misrepresents the claimant's actual words, given in an interview to the Daily Record, a Scottish newspaper and website." Even though the defendants had retracted the statement, it had been republished worldwide; therefore her client had requested damages and legal fees as well as an apology. WENN agreed, and the case has ended in victory for Mr. Smith. Read more here.

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