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Friday, January 4, 2008

PRC's New Rules on Posting Video Content on Websites

The People's Republic of China has moved to regulate more closely the posting of video content on websites.  It will now require videos to be posted on government owned websites, and prohibit the uploading of video that contains government secrets or "questionable content." Questionable content includes pornography, damage to reputation or political and social stability. "Those who provide Internet audio and video services should insist on serving the people, serve socialism... and abide by the moral code of socialism," according to the government. Why the new rules, which go into effect January 31st? Some speculate that they might be fallout from a recent quarrel between two married tv anchors, whose domestic dispute hit the airwaves, and then the websites, embarrassing the Chinese government. Seems a little thin for such a high volume reaction, though. Perhaps it was the proverbial stick that broke the camel's back. Read more here in an Agence-France Press story. Here is an English language version of the rules.

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