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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ouch! Was Photog on Legislative Floor a Paparazzo?

Colorado Republican Douglas Bruce, a member of the State House, is under investigation for kicking a photographer. Javier Monzano, who works for the Rocky Mountain News, took Mr. Bruce's picture while he was standing for a prayer on January 14th, and Mr. Bruce dealt a blow to Mr. Monzano's knee. Mr. Bruce later justified his action by saying, "I think that's the most offensive thing I've seen a photographer do in 21 years." House Speaker Andrew Romanoff (a Dem), and Minority Leader Mike May, a Republican, have formed a committee to investigate the matter. Mr. Monzano's editor said that the photographer had the right to take Mr. Bruce's photograph during the prayer. Read more here and here (from the Rocky Mountain News). Here's the pic that seems to have caused the prob.

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