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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Media Oppose Crown's Request for Secrecy in Murder Trial

Media including the Guardian and the BBC have requested that the court hearing the case of Wang Yam, who is accused of murdering an 86-year-old man, deny the government's request that the trial be held in secret for national security reasons. The prosecution told the justices that without a secrecy order the trial probably could not proceed, and that certain documents, presented under a "ministerial certificate" should not be disclosed to the defense. The defense contends that Mr. Yam has given the prosecution names of others who could have committed the crime and that if the trial were held in public, as is usual, information about these persons might be generated. The media would like more information about the need for secrecy. As in the US, British trials are normally held in public. Read more here in an article in the Guardian.

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