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Monday, December 3, 2007

Fake YouTube Video Targets Canadian Professor

According to Canadian TV, someone posted a doctored video on YouTube suggesting that a Dalhousie University professor of engineering was actively "pimping" for his wife and daughters. University officials apparently became aware of the video after they received news of it through email. They asked YouTube to remove the video, which it has done, and then asked Halifax police to investigate the incident. Dalhousie President Tom Traves issued the following statement to Dalhousie students. In part, he said, "I am sending this note to you for several reasons: to voice my personal disgust for this sort of anonymous and hateful attack; to underline that this is not regarded as a prank, but as a vicious assault against which we will take all legal measures possible. Finally, on behalf of the entire Dalhousie Community, to offer our support to Dr. Ghaly and his family." He speculated that the video might be a hate crime under Canadian law. Read more here in a story and here in a story from CBC News.

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