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Monday, November 5, 2007

Heather Mills and the Press

The Guardian's Mark Borkowski gives Heather Mills McCartney (soon to be just Heather Mills) some advice after her round on the U.S. morning talk show circuit here. Among his points: that she needs to understand that when you marry a celeb, you are a celeb: you can't take what the press says so seriously. Otherwise, it will just come after you with a vengeance. "Unfortunately for Mills, Paul McCartney is, like Cliff Richard, a national treasure. It is not the media she is fighting but her husband's reputation. If she is to move on and win over the public, she must accept that McCartney is the greater global celebrity....[T]o start again, Mills must grasp that the public and the media take a sadistic pleasure in, and have a morbid fascination with, vicarious suffering - it is a circulation and audience winner. Belittling celebrities or watching them get their comeuppance is the modern equivalent of the gladiatorial games, and the press is our Colosseum. To move on, she must grasp the fundamentals. She must stand back and allow her publicist to lead her. And she must try to contain her anger - if you are famous you cannot afford to take to heart all the things your critics say about you."

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