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Thursday, July 12, 2007

BBC Apologizes to Her Majesty Over Incident

The BBC has apologized to Queen Elizabeth for implying that the Queen lost her temper over a portrait session with Annie Leibovitz last year. The incident took place while Ms. Leibovitz was taking Her Majesty's picture; the photographer was getting ready to suggest that the Queen remove her tiara because it clashed with her robes and the Queen objected. The BBC, which was filming the entire session as part of a documentary called "A Year With the Queen", used a clip showing the Queen commenting about her attire as part of a trailer for the program and concedes that the result makes the Queen look as if she stormed off in a hissy fit. Very bad form. But the clip actually shows an event that occurs before the exchange between the Queen and Ms. Leibovitz. The Queen, like her ancestress Victoria, was not amused. Read more here from the BBC website. Here's another Leibovitz portrait, made in May.

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