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Monday, July 17, 2006

Larry Sanger on the "Experts'" Wikipedia

The Guardian's Glyn Moody has a short piece on Larry Sanger, one of the originators of Wikipedia, who is now engaged in a couple of new projects, Digital Universe and Textop. Both look as if they were inspired by the Encyclopedie, and will be compiled by experts. An Encyclopedie for the 21st century?  Sanger discusses his reasons for abandoning the "non-elitist" grassroots model that Wikipedia represents. Alice LaPlante of Information Week has an article detailing the arguments for and against controlled access to compiled online references like Digital Universe and Wikipedia, in which she discusses emerging problems with Wikipedia such as hoaxed, unstable, or wildly inaccurate, entries, and Wikipedia creator Jimmy Wales' responses, including more in-place controls and surveillance of problem pages.

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