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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Ireland To Propose New Defamation Legislation

The government of the Republic of Ireland is ready to introduce new legislation on the subject of defamation that will harmonize Irish law with recent EU changes, including the 2004 verdict won by Caroline of Hanover (Monaco) stating that in terms of publication of photographs of a public figure "the decisive factor in balancing the protection of private life against freedom of expression should lie in the contribution that the published photos and articles make to a debate of general interest. It is clear in the instant case that they made no such contribution since the applicant exercises no official function and the photos and articles related exclusively to details of her private life." The government also has new right of privacy measures under consideration. The government says the new press laws will prevent an already identified "chilling effect." But some members of the UK press have already objected to the new proposals, saying they were unncessarily subject to government control. Read more here in an article in the Guardian.

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