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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

European Broadcasting Regulation

Natali Helberger, Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam, has published "The `Right to Information' and Digital Broadcasting--About Monsters, Invisible Men, and the Future of European Broadcasting Regulation" in volume 17 of the Entertainment Law Review. Here is the abstract.

As a result of modern content management technologies, individualisation, differentiation and conditioned access step into the place of traditional models of broadcasting content. In the light of these developments, the article provides a critical analysis of the proposals that were made to revise the Television Without Frontiers Directive and to protect the right to information of the broadcasting audience. The article will show that instead of modernizing the European broadcasting framework the proposals are focused on maintaining the status quo of an analogue past. It will make an argument in favor of a more viewer-oriented approach.

It is also available from SSRN.

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