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Friday, January 27, 2006

A Zillion Little Interviews

Now that Oprah has confronted James Frey about the misstatements in his book A Million Little Pieces we will undoubtedly see a parade of articles about the interview she had with him and his publisher Gay Talese. We'll also get a passle of interviews with Smoking Gun editor William Bastone.

We'll also get, for what they are worth, a selection of witnesses to testify to the truth of facts Mr. Frey presents in the book including folks who say they were in the same rehab center. Mr. Frey, you may remember, presented the book as fiction at first. When it didn't sell to a single publisher, he reoffered it as a memoir. I'm certain the experience of having the book publicly unveiled as fiction has been instructive. Now if we could only keep him from writing about the past few months and selling that manuscript....and turning it into a movie....

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