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Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Miller Case, in Miller's Paper

In today's New York Times, three Times reporters give a thoughtful account of the Judith Miller affair--her investigation in the Valerie Plame name leak, her refusal to give up her source, the Times decision to stand behind her, the resulting media of that decision, Miller's negotiations with her source, how the Times was scooped on Miller's release. Comprehensive as the story is, questions remain. Is she protecting another source, or does she have another source, in addition to the now-revealed Lewis Libby? She told the grand jury that she did not think Libby was the source for the Valerie Plame reference, whom she cited as "Valerie Flame" once in her notes, but said she could not recall who gave her the information. Will Miller return to the Times? Reports of friction with her coworkers continue to surface. Meanwhile, the grand jury continues to sit, at least until October 28th.

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