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Friday, October 28, 2005

French Publisher Seeks to Block Use of "Ix" Ending By Telecom Company

Les Editions Albert Rene, the publisher of the series of "Asterix" comic books, is seeking to prevent telecommunications company Orange from using the name Mobilix for its new mobile phone service. Orange received permission to register the name from the EU trademark office in 1998. Editions Albert Rene claims that consumers will think the service is somehow related to the popular publication. The publisher has filed suit to overturn the trademark office decision.

Asterix and his friends, characters who made their debut in 1959, are phenomenally successful figures who live in Gaul of 50 B.C. They are well-known throughout France and Europe. Asterix's main occupation is defending Gaul from the invading Romans. The books are filled with puns and allusions to popular culture, and both children and adults adore them.

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