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Monday, August 8, 2005

Ban on New York Transit System Photography Dead--At Least for Now

The proposed ban on photography on New York's transit system seems to be abandoned, at least for now, according to the New York Daily News. The Transit Authority had suggested that a ban was necessary to prevent terrorists from photographing sensitive parts of the system, including access to landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty. But after critics of the ban, including the Mayor, suggested that a ban might be difficult to maintain, and would also cause annoyance among the city's millions of tourists, and law enforcement assured the MTA that it didn't need such a measure to guard the system from attack, the MTA dropped the idea. Read more here.  The MTA is understably concerned over the need for protecting the city's infrastructure, but sometimes its choices come in for criticism. After the London bombings, New York City officials temporarily cut off cell phone access in the city's tunnels. (see also CNN's story here). They restored it by July 12, 2005. Read a Washington Post story discussing the mix-up here (subscription may be required).

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