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Thursday, June 9, 2005

Sally Jessy Raphael Episode in Breach of Ofcom Standards

Ofcom, the UK broadcast regulatory agency, has found ITV in breach of guidelines for airing a Sally Jessy Raphael episode that had clips of one skydiver falling to his death and another meetingn with a particularly gruesome accident. The ruling, issued June 6, 2005, holds that "actuality footage of executions or other scenes in people are clearly being seen killed or about to die require exceptional justification." Said the agency, "We consider that the key issue here is that the footage of the death of one of the skydivers was used in an entertainment context...which did not provide the "exceptional justification" required by the Code." ITV had argued that "this clip was carefully contextualised and was not played gratuitously or in a manner likely to cause widespread offence."

Read the entire decision here.

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