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Friday, June 3, 2005

Intellectual Freedom Among Issues Examined in New Documentary Featuring Librarians

It had to happen. The image of librarians in popular culture has been under examination for a while now, and someone has finally gotten the funding to do a documentary that will deal with, among other things, librarians and "censorship and intellectual freedom."  (Thanks to Kevin Gray of the LSU Law Library for this item). A good many films feature librarians interacting with the law and the media, among them All the President's Men (in keeping with this month's Watergate theme--remember the White House librarian who first confirmed, then denied that someone checked out books on Senator Ted Kennedy, and that helpful fellow at the Library of Congress who gave Woodward and Bernstein all those checkout slips?) Various webpages try to list such films, though none are complete. See as examples Movie Librarians:  Notable Librarians and Libraries in Films and Librarians in the  Movies: An Annotated Filmography.

Stephen Walker and V. Lonnie Lawson discuss "The Librarian Stereotype and the Movies" in MC Journal: The Journal of Academic Media Librarianship. Read it here.

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