Wednesday, October 11, 2006

W.R. Grace Must Pay Asbestos Costs

Article in today's Los Angeles Times -- Firm Must Pay Asbestos Costs, by Sam Howe Verhovek:

    The Supreme Court on Tuesday let stand lower court rulings that require W.R. Grace & Co.
    to pay a $54.5-million federal bill for asbestos cleanup in a Montana mining town described
    by federal regulators as one of the nation's most contaminated Superfund sites.

    The court rejected Grace's appeal of a decision in favor of the Environmental Protection
    Agency, which sued Grace five years ago to recover the cleanup costs at a vermiculite
    mine in the town of Libby.

    The government is also pursuing a criminal case involving several former executives or
    managers of the mining company for allegedly concealing health risks at the mine.

The New York Times article, High Court Won't Consider Asbestos Case, from the Associated Press, quotes the Ninth Circuit opinion:

     ''The situation confronting the EPA in Libby is truly extraordinary,'' the appeals court wrote
    in its opinion in December. ''We cannot escape the fact that people are sick and dying as
    a result of this continuing exposure.''


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Sunday, September 3, 2006

Experts Excluded In Asbestos Case, After Defendants DaimlerChrysler And Volkswagen Win Bid For Frye Hearing

Article from Mealey's Publications -- Experts Excluded In Asbestos Case, After Defendants DaimlerChrysler And Volkswagen Win Bid For Frye Hearing:

    Two plaintiffs’ experts in asbestos friction products litigation did not rely on
    generally accepted methods in concluding that every exposure to asbestos products
    is a proximate cause of asbestos-related disease, a judge said Aug. 17 in excluding
    the testimony (Re: Toxic Substances Cases>AD 03-319, Pa. Comm. Pls., Allegheny Co.).

    Defendants DaimlerChrysler Corp. and Volkswagen of America filed a motion for a
    Frye hearing. Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge Robert J. Colville ordered a
    handful of representative cases to be selected for purposes of the hearing. Drs. David
    Laman and John Maddox submitted non-case-specific expert reports.

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