Sunday, September 21, 2008

NTSB Team Investigating L.A. Metrolink Crash

More on the Metrolink Train Crash from the L.A. Times -- NTSB team sorting out what happened in Metrolink crash, by Robert J. Lopez.  Here's an excerpt:

Engineer Robert M. Sanchez pulled Metrolink 111 out of the Chatsworth station and was rolling north at 54 mph. About a mile later, he entered a restricted speed zone and throttled down to 42 mph.

Just ahead, on his right side, was a red light. It was a warning to stop so that an oncoming Union Pacific freight train could move off the main track and onto a siding. But Sanchez sped past the light and barreled over a switch mechanism that was supposed to guide the other train onto the side rail, according to federal investigators.

A quarter mile later, along a sharp curve in the tracks, the two trains collided at a combined speed of 83 mph. Sanchez never hit his brakes.


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