Tuesday, January 29, 2008

FDA Difficulties in Inspecting Medical Devices

Article in the Wall Street Journal -- FDA Faulted for Scrutiny Of Medical-Device Makers, by Anna Wilde Mathews.  Here's an excerpt:

The Food and Drug Administration can't keep up with requirements to inspect domestic makers of medical devices to assure manufacturing quality, and the agency rarely examines foreign facilities, according to congressional investigators.

In testimony scheduled to be delivered today before a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee, the Government Accountability Office will tell lawmakers that it found "weaknesses" in the agency's oversight of an industry that makes products ranging from contact lenses to defibrillators. According to FDA officials' own estimates, overseas makers of the riskiest products, such as pacemakers, were examined only every six years, and moderate-risk device manufacturers on average went an estimated 27 years between FDA inspections.

The GAO testimony on medical devices will be a part of the hearing's broader effort to highlight an issue that has turned up in reports and critiques over the past few years: concerns the FDA's resources and technology aren't enough to meet its regulatory responsibilities to oversee drugs, food and other products.



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