Thursday, May 3, 2007

Fallout from Pet Food Contamination Affects Whole Industry

Article in the Washington Post -- Crisis Over Pet Food Extracting Healthy Cost: Owners, Manufacturers, Suppliers All Feel Fallout, by Rick Weiss and Nancy Trejos.  Here's an excerpt:

While the Food and Drug Administration pursues what is sure to be a long investigation into how pet food became contaminated with an ingredient for making plastics, and while Congress begins the months-long process of haggling over food-safety amendments, pet food companies, their suppliers and their customers do not have the luxury of waiting.

They have to cope with the crisis immediately, and for most, that is already proving expensive.

Stephen S. Miller, chief executive of ChemNutra of Las Vegas, was sued last week by a pet food company to which it had sold tainted Chinese wheat gluten. He now faces legal fees and the costs of extra on-site inspections he plans to impose on his Chinese suppliers.

Producers of brand-name pet foods, several of which were revealed by the recall to use the same ingredients that economy chow makers use, stand to lose once-loyal customers, many of whom are saying they would not return to their former brands.

And some pet owners like Mitzner, fed up with worrying about poisoning their animals, can expect to pay up to three times as much for organic or other specialty chows.

If there is one player that may benefit from the still-spreading disaster -- federal officials said yesterday that millions of chickens that ate the contaminated food were sold for human consumption -- it is the U.S. wheat gluten industry, which has been struggling for years to compete against cheaper Chinese imports.


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It's a good thing my dog was healthy before the poisoning as it took time but he has managed to pull through and though it appears to have taken a toll on him, he will survive. I estimate it to have aged him a few years in the span of 2 months.

Posted by: Joseph Mamah | May 19, 2007 3:59:57 AM

My sweet calico died three weeks ago. I had just moved, so didn't have the internet hooked back up in time to find out that her canned cat food was on the list. I only used it for her alergy med to hide the taste. Within days, she went into almost a coma. I called the vet to see about getting her help..but he told me it was 65 to put her to sleep.. I am not rich, we're on a fixed income. I held her, comforted her. stopped her antibiotics mix and watched her die. I have 10 other kitties, no one else was fed the canned food. She died..they are fine. I hate that company!
I just had to tell someone, cause they tell you..oh yeah..prove it.
Bad people!
thanks for listening

Posted by: peggy johnson | May 20, 2007 1:53:26 PM

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