Tuesday, December 12, 2006

FDA Stopping Sale of Some Quinine Drugs

Article in the New York Times -- FDA Halts Sales of Some Quinine Drugs, by the Associated Press:

Companies have 60 days to stop selling unapproved prescription drugs made with quinine and dispensed by the millions each year.

The new Food and Drug Administration order, released Tuesday, applies to the roughly eight companies that make and sell the drugs, most commonly prescribed to treat leg cramps. It does not affect the single FDA-approved quinine drug sold to treat some types of malaria.

That FDA-approved medicine, heir to a traditional use of the drug that dates to the 1800s, today accounts for just one-half of 1 percent of the estimated 4 million annual prescriptions written for quinine drugs. Doctors prescribe the vast majority of the drugs for leg cramps, a use that the FDA warned patients and doctors could pose serious safety risks.

Many unapproved quinine drugs don't bear warnings of those risks, including the toxic effects of even a slight overdose, agency officials said.



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I am 71 years old and have been taking Quinine Sulfate tablets for many years and it have been very effective in preventing leg cramps. I will subject myself to any test any one want to give to prove so. For the FDA to ban the use of this "LOW COST DRUG" and at the same time approve the sale of a HIGH COST "Qualaquin" $130 for 30 tablets "SMELLS" like corruption, 93 deaths in 48 years, about two a year. How much, and to whom did Mutual Pharmaceutical pay-off for this bonus. Will common ASPIRIN be next? How many deaths has aspirin cause over the last 48 years? Can you imagine $5.00 a tablet instead of $5.00 for a bottle?

Posted by: Stanley A. Dubis | Mar 13, 2007 9:04:23 AM

I am outraged by what the FDA is doing!!! I work in the medical field and this sounds like
some money has been exchanged under the table
while making th e poor elderly and common person
pay thru the nose for the exact same product.
When is the AMerican people going to wake up
and start demanding our Congress to be accountable to the people not heading us into
socialism where we are headed fast.American
people wake up and speak out !!!!!!!! THis
is another example of politics gone corrupt.
God help us is my cry !!!!

Posted by: luzy boone | Feb 27, 2008 8:25:00 AM

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