Friday, November 3, 2006

Even in Nevada, Smokers’ Options Are Shrinking

Article in the New York Times -- Even in Nevada, Smokers’ Options Are Shrinking, by Steve Friess:

[I]n Nevada, antismoking sentiment appears ready to trump the anything-goes lifestyle. On Nov. 7 voters will decide two ballot measures that would restrict where people can smoke. One bans smoking in parts of indoor restaurants where minors may be served; the second, and far more stringent, bans it in almost every indoor setting, including convenience stores, restaurants, bars that serve food and “indoor places of employment,” a phrase some say could include hotel rooms. This being Nevada, both measures exempt casino floors.

Statewide polls show both measures are likely to pass by wide margins, and the one that gets the most votes will become law. Those same polls seem to indicate more support for the more lenient proposal, Question 4, the Responsibly Protect Nevadans From Second-Hand Smoke Act, over Question 5, the Clean Indoor Air Act.

Smoking-related measures are on the ballot in six other states this year, including two — Arizona and Ohio — that have two proposals similar to Nevada’s. Voters in California, Missouri and South Dakota will vote on whether to raise cigarette taxes; those in Florida will consider whether to require more financing for antismoking education. In November, a law will go into effect in Hawaii making it the 14th state to ban smoking in workplaces and public places.


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