Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Brazil air crash lawsuit

Article today on Findlaw by Vivian Sequera (AP) -- U.S. lawyers for Brazil plane crash victims hope for multimillion dollar settlement -- concerning litigation in E.D.N.Y. over the September 29 collision of a Gol Airlines jet with an ExcelAire business jet.  All 154 people aboard the Gol Airlines plane (a Boeing 737) died in the crash.  The ExcelAire plane (an Embraer Legacy) sustained damage but landed with its passengers and crew unharmed.

American attorneys representing families of victims in Brazil's worst air disaster said Tuesday they hoped to reach a multimillion-dollar settlement with ExcelAire Service Inc. and Honeywell International Inc., which they accuse of negligence leading to the accident that killed 154 people.

On Monday, the lawyers filed a suit in the Eastern District federal court in Brooklyn, New York, alleging that ExcelAire's pilots were flying at the wrong altitude when they collided with Gol Airlines Flight 1907 on Sept. 29.


Honeywell, which made the plane's transponder was also named in the suit. Transponders send out signals alerting air traffic controllers and other aircraft about the location of a plane.

[Robert] Lieff [of Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein] told a news conference that said he hoped the two companies would settle with the victims' families and that he expected the settlement to reach "several million dollars."


The lawyers said they were not suing Gol, Embraer and Boeing because they don't have evidence yet to implicate them.



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