Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Vioxx Lawyers Select Trials, Lead Counsel

Article by Theresa Agovino (AP) in BusinessWeek Online -- Lawyers Select Cases for Vioxx Trial -- reporting that plaintiffs' lawyers met yesterday to select cases to submit for a January joint trial in New Jersey.  The submissions are due on Friday to Judge Higbee, who will choose up to ten cases for trial.  According to the article, the plaintiffs' lawyers largely agreed on Mark Lanier and Chris Seeger as lead trial counsel.  Merck has objected to trying claims jointly on the grounds that Vioxx claims are too individualized to justify aggregate treatment.

In the meantime, the New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts approved the Atlantic County Civil Division's request for five new employees to handle the crunch of cases; the court now has about 14,000 Vioxx cases.


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