Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Former F.D.A. Chief Is Charged With Conflict

Article in today's New York Times -- Former F.D.A. Chief Is Charged With Conflict, by Stephanie Saul:

    Lester M. Crawford, former chief of the Food and Drug Administration, was charged
    yesterday with conflict of interest and lying about stock he and his wife owned in
    companies the agency regulates.

    Dr. Crawford, who resigned abruptly in September 2005, just two months after his
    nomination had been approved by the Senate, is expected to plead guilty in federal
    court in Washington today, said his lawyer, Barbara Van Gelder.

    Each of the two charges filed against Dr. Crawford, 68, is a misdemeanor punishable
    by up to a year in jail, but Ms. Van Gelder said she expected him to be fined and placed
    on probation.



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