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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Examining social marijuana use and marijuana clubs/cafes/ lounges as part of reform and regulation

As students in my semester-long OSU Moritz College of Law seminar on marijuana laws and reform continue assembling readings on particular topics in preparation for an in-class presentation/discussion, this week we have a student taking a deep dive into marijuana propaganda past and present.  Here is his summary of the issue and links to background reading:

The presentation will examine the ways the States' clean air acts and anti-public use laws are barriers to these type of establishments and the social use of marijuana, as well as what people are doing to get around the laws and legally use marijuana socially.  We will consider what laws have been enacted in response to people trying to circumvent the pre-existing laws and how other states considering legalizing recreational marijuana are approaching the issue of public use and marijuana lounges.

"Private Cannabis Clubs Are Now Illegal In Washington"

"Anchorage, Alaska Votes To License Hash Cafes"

"Oregon clean air rules may spell trouble for marijuana clubs and cafes"

"Private marijuana clubs in Colorado Springs largely unregulated"

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