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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Women & Weed: Blazing A Trail Toward Nationwide Legalization

As long time readers know, a central part of my semester-long OSU Moritz College of Law seminar on marijuana laws and reform is the requirement that students assemble readings on a particular topic for their fellow classmates followed by an in-class presentation/discussion.  The first such student effort this semester, as this post title suggests, provides a gendered perspective on marijuana reform, and here are the pre-class materials sent my way by the students focused on this topic:

Women in the Marijuana Industry:

"Women in Weed: How Legal Marijuana Could Be the First Billion-Dollar Industry Not Dominated by Men"

"A legal high: Practicing marijuana business law"


Women As Voters and Advocates for Marijuana Reform:

"Marijuana and the Modern Lady"

The Trouble with Mary Jane’s Gender


Skype Speaker Bios:

Hilary Bricken

Amanda Reiman

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