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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The challenges of bankruptcy issues for marijuana businesses

After a week off for Spring Break, the students in my semester-long OSU Moritz College of Law seminar on marijuana laws and reform are back to assembling readings on particular topics in preparation for an in-class presentation/discussion. One of the presentations scheduled for this week is to focus on bankrupcy laws and their general unavailability to marijuana businesses, and here are readings that my student has assembled on this front:

"Judge denies bankruptcy protection to Denver marijuana business"

"Bankruptcy: The Ultimate Buzz-Kill? Sobering Considerations for Financing the Marijuana Industry"

"Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy"

"Another Marijuana Bankruptcy Case Bites the Dust as the Arizona Bankruptcy Court Dismisses an Involuntary Case Filed Against a Medical Marijuana Dispensary"

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