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Monday, January 4, 2016

Two different prespectives on the coming marijuana reform future

Inspired by our big calendar change, in recent posts provide links to various informed observers and advocates reviewing the biggest 2015 marijuana reform stories and previewing the biggest stories to watch in 2016.  Continuing in this vein, I came across thes two distinct pieces that provide very different "ground level" views of the likely marijuana reform future:

Via USA Today, "11 states least likely to legalize marijuana"

Via High Times, "Pot Matters: The New Marijuana Issues"

The first article usefully highlights that, even if election results and other legal developments in 2016 contribute to continuing nationwide reform momentum, there are still likely to be large sections of the United States that will continue to embrance marijuana prohibition.  The second article usefully highlights that, in regions where marijuana reform has already advanced significantly, many are going to start advocating aggressive positions like "all Americans must have the right to grow cannabis for both personal and commercial use" and "marijuana users must be protected from employment discrimination."

Interesting times.

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