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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fascinating legislative medical marijuana developments in Florida and Minnesota

One of many reasons I find following marijuana law and policy so interesting is because of the dynamic ways in which various state legislatures are dealing with the growing public affinity for reforms, especially with respect to making medical marijuana available to various populations of potential patients.  These realities are especially on display the last few weeks in Florida, where a medical marijuana bill is now on the Governor's desk, and in Minnesota, where a medical marijuana bill is working its way through the legislature.   Here are links to and excerpts from recent press reports about these legislative developments:

From the Orlando Sentinel here, "Medical-marijuana bill now includes cancer, MS, other ailments":

People who have cancer, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis or other ailments could be able to use medical marijuana under the expanded "Charlotte's Web" bill awaiting the governor's signature.

The original proposal targeted only a limited number of children with debilitating seizures, but the bill's final wording means Florida will be taking a much larger step toward legalizing medical marijuana.

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune here, "Minnesota Senate passes medical marijuana bill; could become only state that bans smoking":

The Minnesota Senate passed a bill Tuesday legalizing medical marijuana that is more ambitious than Gov. Mark Dayton and law enforcement officials have said they would support.

The legislation, approved by senators on a bipartisan 48-18 vote, would allow patients to use marijuana in the form of pills, oil and vapor to ease their symptoms but would prohibit them from smoking the drug. Minnesota would be the only state with legalized medical marijuana to ban patients from smoking it to ease their symptoms.

The margin by which the measure was approved in the Senate is enough to overcome a potential veto by Dayton. The Minnesota House expects to consider its medical-marijuana measure on Friday.

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