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Friday, March 7, 2014

The New York Times on medical and recreational marijuana in Washington

A few weeks back, I asked whether medical and recreational marijuana can co-exist in Washington.  It looks like the tensions are only growing.  The New York Times has this interesting piece on the concerns of some medical marijuana advocates about the implementation of Washington's marijuana legalization law.  The whole piece is worth a read, here is how it starts:

There should be, one might think, a note of triumph or at least quiet satisfaction in Muraco Kyashna-tocha’s voice. Her patient-based cooperative in north Seattle dispenses medical marijuana to treat seizures, sleeplessness and other maladies. And with the state gearing up to open its first stores selling legal marijuana for recreational use, the drug she has cultivated, provided to patients and used herself for years seems to be barreling toward the mainstream.


But her one-word summary of the outlook for medical marijuana is anything but sunny: “Disastrous,” she said, standing in her shop, Green Buddha, which she fears she will soon have to close.


The legalization of recreational marijuana for adults in Washington, approved by voters in 2012 and now being phased in, is proving an unexpectedly anxious time for the users, growers and dispensers of medical marijuana, who came before and in many ways paved the way for marijuana’s broader acceptance.

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