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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Seeking first-hand accounts/reports (good, bad and ugly) of start of recreational pot sales in Colorado

It is around 2pm EDT, January 1, 2014 as I write this post, which means recreational marijuana sales have now been underway for a full 12 hours in Colorado today.  On the east coast, at least, the sky has not fallen (and my kids have not already become regular pot smokers) ... yet.   Perhaps the sky is falling in the Mile High City.  Or, perhaps most accurately, a few more folks than usual in Denver, where most of the early sales are taking place, may be feeling sky high.

Jokes and snickering aside, I am genuinely interested in any and all "objective" on-the-ground reports from folks in Denver or elsewhere about what is going on in the midst of what some suggest is the start of the end of a 40-year drug war in the US and what others fear is the start of a doomed experiment with a harmful new legal substance.  As the title of this post highlights, I am especially eager to hear praise, complaints and observations from all quarters, if possible.

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