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Saturday, January 25, 2014

As Super (pot) Bowl approaches, another weekend full of notable marijuana news and headlines

I am grateful for all the great commentary being added by the guest bloggers of late, especially because the traditional media continue now to do be doing a pretty good job of covering some of the major modern marijuana reform news.  Still, with another weekend bringing many new marijuana worthy of attention, I am going to once again set forth headlines and links those pieces that struck me as especially noteworthy:

  • From the Christian Science Monitor here, "US marijuana policy edges toward acceptance"
  • From Forbes  here, Until 100% Legal, Banks to Turn Away Marijuana Money Forbes"

  • From FoxNews here "Marijuana export could pay off Hawaii’s debts, lawmaker says"

  • From the Newark Star-Ledger here, "Legalize marijuana in NJ? One lawmaker says yes"
  • From the Tamba Bay Times here, "Medical marijuana advocates meet Florida ballot goal"

  • From USA Today here, "Texas Gov. Perry shocks some with comments on marijuana"

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Rick Perry per the actual events as documented in the press : Perry joked he was the only person on stage who doesn't favor legalization of certain drugs.

"We [Texans] certainly would never jump out in front of the parade" on marijuana legalization, Perry said. But other American states have, in his opinion, a right to decide for themselves.

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