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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Some notable local headlines in wake of DOJ's update to federal marijuana enforcement policy

As noted in a posts here and here, there have been varied general reactions the recent announcement by Attorney General Eric Holder concerning federal marijuana policy (basics here; official statement here).  What I think will prove to be most important, and what is already quite interesting, is how local- and state-level (official and unofficial) actors read and respond to this new policy.  With this in mind, I found especially notable these recent stories from local papers in couple of notable states:

  • From Arizona here, "Prosecutors vow to push fight against marijuana"

  • From California here, "Federal announcement may impact local medical marijuana dispensaries"

  • More from California here, "Melinda Haag: New marijuana guidelines won’t affect local cases"

  • From Washington here, "Federal memo no pot panacea: The federal government’s shift in marijuana policy might lead to profound reforms around the country, but here in Washington state the news was more nuanced, allowing some breathing room for a legal-pot industry to develop, but leaving some obstacles unchanged."

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