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September 14, 2009

D.C. moves closer to marriage equality; will Democrats in Congress show backbone?

A measure that would legalize same-sex marriage in Washington, D.C., likely has enough support to pass the District council, according to its author, D.C. council member David Catania. 

The measure would have to be reviewed by Congress.  As The Advocate reports:

Peter Rosenstein, a D.C. gay rights activist, told the [Washington] Post he thinks Democrats in Congress are likely to protect the legislation from a vote of disapproval. "Do we have a guarantee?" he said. "No. But we are fairly confident at this point."

Antigay activists, though, are lobbying Congress too, and if the marriage equality law passes, they could mount an effort to repeal it by popular vote. D.C. law prohibits referendums on matters covered by the District’s Human Rights Act, which outlaws discrimination based on sexual orientation, but some antigay ministers and other conservative leaders have asked the local board of elections to authorize a vote in this case.


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