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August 14, 2008

AALS Protests

Some members of the AALS, including the Legal Writing Institute, are protesting the hotel, the Manchester Grand Hyatt, at which many events are scheduled to be held.  The hotel's owner, Mr. Manchester, contributed substantially to the proposed amendment to the California constitution (Proposition 8) that would ban same sex marriage and overturn the California Supreme Court decision.

Some argue that he is just an individual and his views do not represent the official policies of the hotel.  However, corporations are run by individuals.  Those individuals have a substantial amount of power--due to the patronage of the public. 

It is not unheard of for individuals to stop shopping at a particular store because the President gives millions of dollars to the NRA.  Is this any different?

At the very least, individuals who disagree with the owner of the hotel can and should let their money do the talking and avoid the AALS events that are scheduled to take place at this particular hotel (the Manchester Grand Hyatt). 

I will be one of them.


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