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January 28, 2008

Disrespecting Family Mourning Ledger's Death Is Despicable

Sorry folks.  I know that this site is generally reserved for only law-related topics, but I just had to take a moment here to respond to all of the hate-speech surrounding Heath Ledger's death.

If you haven't heard it (thankfully), one particular radio host mocked the death in light of the actor's portrayal of a homosexual cowboy in Brokeback Mountain. 

First, is it appropriate to mock anyone's death?  No.  Is the death of a young actor any more devastating than the death of any other young adult?  No.  However, it is also not appropriate, in either instance, to mock someone's death.

Second, Heath Ledger was an actor.  Any individuals who choose to picket his funeral (another heinous example of hatred) because of a single role that he played in a movie obviously do not understand that actors play many roles. Some roles are reflective of who they are and what they believe and some are not.  Ledger just recently played a villain in the Batman series--should we defile his memory because he was "evil"? 

Third, even if Ledger took the Brokeback role because he endorsed the message of the film and you, personally, find the message offensive-- let him rest in peace.  This brings me back to point number 1--it is not appropriate to picket at a funeral.  Even if you do not respect Ledger or his views, can you at least respect the fact that his family is mourning his death?  He is survived by his parents, a sister, and a young child.  Let them honor his memory in peace.

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