Monday, July 17, 2017

Western Regional Legal Writing Conference at Seattle University School of Law

Registration is now open for the Western Regional Legal Writing Conference to be held at Seattle University School of Law on August 25 and 26, 2017.  Although there is no registration fee, the organizers need a headcount, so please register here.

The theme for the conference is “connections” including the following:

  • connecting your legal writing classes with students' other foundational courses;
  • connecting and collaborating with other faculty to improve your students' ability to transfer what they have learned to clinics, externships, and jobs;
  • connecting legal writing classwork with clinics or external nonprofits;
  • connecting with alumni and practitioners;
  • connecting with other legal scholars; and
  • connecting with others to help improve legal writing faculty status.

Those themes will be explored in 24 sessions involving presenters associated with 17 law schools across the country. In addition, making the connection to practice and to current events, attendees will hear from Washington State Deputy Solicitor General Anne Egeler, who will give us an insider's view into the Washington v. Trump et al. litigation. Attendees will also hear from local practitioners at the Microsoft Corporation with their views on the skills that law graduates need for successful entry into practice.

You can find a detailed program for the conference here. Information about hotel accommodations and  on-campus dorm rooms is available on the conference website.

Hat tip to Mimi Samuel.


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