Thursday, May 1, 2014

Symposium issue on cognitive bias and writing strategies

Legal writing professors will find several articles of interest in a recent symposium issue of the J L PJournal of Law and Policy. Held at Brooklyn Law School, the symposium was titled The Impact of Cognitive Bias on Persuasion and Writing Strategies. The journal issue contains an introduction by Brooklyn professors Marilyn Walter and Elizabeth Fajans along with the following articles:

Lawrence M. Solan, Four Reasons to Teach Psychology to Legal Writing Students 

Michael R. Smith, The Sociological and Cognitive Dimensions of Policy-Based Persuasion

Kathryn Stanchi, What Cognitive Dissonance Tells Us About Tone in Persuasion

Daniel S. Medwed, The Good Fight: The Egocentric Bias, the Aversion to Cognitive Dissonance, and American Criminal Law

Linda L. Berger, Metaphor and Analogy: The Sun and Moon of Legal Persuasion

 Bret Rappaport, A Lawyer's Hidden Persuader: Genre Bias and How it Shapes Legal Texts by Constraining Writers' Choices and Influencing Readers' Perceptions


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