Friday, February 7, 2014

The fall 2013 Perspectives issue has arrived!

The fall 2013 issue of Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing has arrived. In   Perspectives-fall 13
addition to its usual helpful articles, this issue has a complete index to all volumes of Perspectives, going back to the first issue in 1992.

 The current issue contains the following articles:

Judith Lihosit & Jane Larrington, Flipping the Legal Research Classroom

 Laurel E. Davis, Mary Ann Neary, & Susan E. Vaughn, Teaching Advanced egal Research in a Flipped Classroom

 Jessica L. Clark, Peer Review: Using Time, Place, and Manner Constraints to Maximize Learning

 Elizabeth Frost, Cross-Section Peer Review in First-Year Legal Research and Writing

 Sarah E. Ryan, Data, Statistics, or Secondary Statistical Analysis: Helping Students Articulate and Acquire the Numbers They're (Really) Seeking

 Adam G. Todd, Teaching "Scholarly Writing" in the First–Year LWR Class: Bridging the Divide between Scholarly and Practical Writing

 Jennifer Murphy Romig, Social Gaming Apps: Teaching Law Students What Communication with an Audience Is—and Isn't

 John D. Schunk, Simultaneous Catches and Infield Flies: Legal Writing Techniques in Sportswriting

 Patrick J. Charles, Reading and Understanding a Source Credit in the United States Code

 Sue Liemer, Starting Strong in Legal Writing: Summer Prep


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