Friday, January 17, 2014

Nominations for the Burton Awards

Nominations for the Burton Award for Outstanding Contributions to Legal Writing Education are now open.  Nominations are due by February 18, 2014.

The Burton Awards for Legal Achievement promote and publicize the importance of writing in the legal profession. The Awards, which recognize lawyers and law students whose work exemplifies the goals of our field, were founded in 1999 by William Burton, author of Burton’s Legal Thesaurus and recipient of 2010 Golden Pen Award from the Legal Writing Institute.

The Award Ceremony is held at the Library of Congress and it's undoubtedly the most glorious evening that celebrates legal writing.  My favorite moment?  Well, Bernadette Peters was the entertainment that evening, and I convinced one of the waiters that Professor Ralph Brill (who looks great in a tuxedo) was the actor Walter Matthau.

But back to the serious stuff.  For the last decade, the Burton Awards have included a category that emphasizes the vital role that educators play in improving legal writing throughout our nation’s legal system: the award for Outstanding Contributions to Legal Writing Education. The award is given annually during the black-tie gala to an individual or group that has made an outstanding contribution to the education of lawyers in the field of legal analysis, research, and writing, whether through teaching, program design, program support, innovative thinking, or writing. The contributions considered may be significant single achievements or the accumulated achievements of a career.

Previous recipients have been:

  • Dean Kent Syverud of Vanderbilt,
  • Dean Darby Dickerson of Stetson,
  • Professor Ralph Brill of Chicago-Kent,
  • Professor Laurel Oates of Seattle University,
  • Professor Mary Beth Beazley of Ohio State,
  • Professor Richard Neumann of Hofstra,
  • Professor Helene Shapo of Northwestern,
  • Professor Marjorie Rombauer of the University of Washington,
  • Professor Tina Stark of Boston University, and
  • Professor Mary Lawrence of the University of Oregon School of Law.

To nominate an individual or gropu for Outstanding Contributions to Legal Writing Education Award, you are asked to describe concisely (of course concisely, it's a legal writing award) the contributions of the nominee.  Send your nomination to one or more of the following members of the selection committee by e-mail:

  • Noah Messing [noah.messing [at]]  
  • Grace Tonner [gtonner [at]]  or
  • Nancy Schultz [nschultz [at]]

Nominations are due by February 18, 2014.

Hat tip to Noah Messing


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