Wednesday, July 31, 2013

another reason writing well is so important

ImagesOur new 1Ls might not fully appreciate how important good legal writing is when in-house counsel are reviewing the work of outside counsel. But surely upper level students will. And you can share an insider's perspective with them here.



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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

great teaching!

ImagesAs inspiration for your fall semester planning, the following LRW professors won teaching awards as last spring’s semester came to an end. (If you see someone is missing here, please do let us know.)

Professor Tracey Banks Coan received the Joseph Branch Excellence in Teaching Award during the Wake Forest Founders’ Day Convocation. 

Professor Juliana Campagna was named the Teacher of the Year at Hofstra Law School.

At Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, Professor Gary Craig who was voted Professor of the Year by the class of 2013.

Professor Brad Desnoyer won two Missouri University awards: the Excellence in Education Award for significant contributions to students’ out-of-classroom experiences and the Gold Chalk Award for significant contributions to the education and training of graduate and professional students.

At this year’s graduation at the John Marshall Law School, Professor Joanne Hodge received the school’s Dedicated Service Award

Berkeley Law’s Dean named Professor Trish Plunkett Hurley as the 2013 recipient of the Rutter Award for Teaching Distinction.

Professor Karen Sneddon received the Reynold Kosek Excellence in Teaching Award at Mercer Law School.

The graduating students at SUNY Buffalo Law School chose Professor Patrick Long as the Faculty Member of the Year.

Professor Jennifer Mailly received the Teaching Scholar Award from the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at the University of Connecticut.

Professor Tom Noble was selected by the students at Elon to receive the 2013 Outstanding Service to Students Award.

Professor Ruth Anne Robbins, for the second year in a row, was selected by the graduating class at Rutgers-Camden as the Lawyering Professor of the Year.

Chicago-Kent’s SBA named Professor Kent Streseman as the Professor of the Year, also for the second year in a row.

The University of Michigan Law School Student Senate named Professor Nancy Vettorello as the 2013 recipient of the L. Hart Wright Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Finally, at Nova Southeastern University, Professor Joe Hnylka received the Stephanie Aleong Impact Award. For this unique award, the faculty votes for a student, who then presents the award to the professor who was most influential to him or her. Note that the award is also named in memory of a legal writing colleague.


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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kimble on Legalese

Over at Legal Writing Editor, Joe Kimble has a nice take on the (hopefully long-settled?) debate over legalese in legal writing.  The piece, You Think Anybody Likes Legalese?, makes a good point about the disconnect between what lawyers expect as readers and what they produce as writers:

Do you think anybody likes legalese? No. Nobody. Or I should say no body — not judges or lawyers or the public at large. All those groups strongly prefer plain language and find it more effective and persuasive. Besides that, they understand it better and faster, perform more accurately when they have to deal with it, and are more likely to read it in the first place. Please, purveyors and defenders of legalese, just look at the studies of your readers.

Now, I can hear the objections. “But clients expect legalese.” If they do, we should be ashamed of having conditioned them to expect it because they certainly don’t like it. “But my boss likes it the old way.” Then either try gentle persuasion or wincingly do what your boss wants, bide your time until you can decide, and know that your boss’s attitude and style are retrograde. “But most lawyers are still churning out legalese.” That’s the great disconnect: they forget as writers what they prefer as readers. 


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