Saturday, July 27, 2013

some real world advice

ImagesProfessor Megan Boyd (at Mercer) and Adam Lamparello (at Indiana Tech) have written an article offering Legal Writing for the "Real World": A Practical Guide to Success, 46 John Marshall Law Review (2013). The article contains real world writing advice, along with examples, to give students guidance about what to expect in law practice. It could provide some valuable context, once your students get their sea legs.



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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

everything you need to know to submit a journal article

Nancy Levit and Alan Rostron at UMKC report that they have just updated their charts about law journal submissions, expedites, and rankings from different sources for the fall 2013 submission season covering the 203 main journals of each law school.

The highlights from this round of revisions include:

1) The list of law reviews is now up from 202 to 203 with the addition of a brand new law review, and for the first time it includes a law review that accepts submissions by Twitter. (The new law review is Belmont. The Twitter-friendly law review is Case Western Reserve.)

2) The chart now includes as much information as possible about what law reviews are not accepting submissions right now, what dates they say they'll resume accepting submissions, etc. 

The first chart contains information about each journal’s preferences about methods for submitting articles (e.g., e-mail, ExpressO, Scholastica, or regular mail), as well as special formatting requirements and how to request an expedited review. The second chart contains rankings information from U.S. News and World Report, as well as data from Washington & Lee’s law review website. 


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Being a Follower

I manage the Temple Law LRW twitter feed, and I want to do more following this year...that is, I want to find new law, writing, and LRW-related accounts to follow. Are you on twitter? Who do you follow?

And if anyone wants to follow us, we are @TempleLRW on twitter!


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Monday, July 22, 2013

a quick grammar guide

Cupples_big-115x150 Templesmith_big-115x150Deborah Cupples and Margaret Temple-Smith, both legal writing professors at the University of Florida, have published a handy and dandy small book, Grammar, Punctuation & Style: A Quick Guide for Lawyers and Other Writers. You could literally fit in your purse or a large pocket, yet it provides a full review of American English grammar and punctuation and also includes style tips for lawyers. The authors practice what they preach, creating highly precise and concise prose. And the excellent typography adds to the legibility of this slim volume. (No  grammar maven will agree with every point in such a guide, but I found only three to disagree with, a personal minimum record.) It's a good guide to keep handy and to recommend for students.


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