Friday, April 26, 2013

Do judges expect lawyers to say “May it please the Court”?

Beginning an oral argument with the phrase “May it please the Court” is a well-entrenched tradition: Bryan Garner reported in the April ABA Journal that he found uses of it going back to Shakespeare’s time. When Garner asked several judges what they think of the phrase, one judge said it’s better than an informal “Hi,” another said he doesn’t care whether lawyers use it, and a third said she always notes its absence. Overall, Garner concluded, “The consensus seems to be that it won’t really help, but it certainly can’t hurt.”

When I practiced law in Los Angeles, our senior partner thought "May it please the court" was pompous, and he began his arguments, "Good morning, your honor." And he did pretty well.


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Thursday, April 25, 2013

positions at University of Idaho

The University of Idaho College of Law invites applications for two faculty positions: a Legal Research and Writing Assistant Clinical Professor and a Director of Externship and Pro Bono Programs.  More information on both positions and the application process is available on the University’s faculty hiring website.

Disclosure Form for LRW position: 

1. The position advertised: 

__ a. is a tenure-track appointment.

__ b. may lead to successive long-term contracts of five or more years.

_X_ c. may lead only to successive short-term contracts of one to four years.

__ d. has an upper-limit on the number of years a teacher may be appointed.

__ e. is part of a fellowship program for one or two years.

__ f. is a part-time appointment, or a year-to-year adjunct appointment. 

Additional information about job security or terms of employment, any applicable

term limits, and whether the position complies with ABA Standard 405(c):


2. The professor hired: 

_X_ a. will be permitted to vote in faculty meetings.

__ b. will not be permitted to vote in faculty meetings. 


3. The school anticipates paying an annual academic year base salary in the range checked

below. (A base salary does not include stipends for coaching moot court teams, teaching other

courses, or teaching in summer school; nor does a base salary include conference travel or other

professional development funds.) 

__ a. $90,000 or more

__ b. $80,000 to $89,999

__ c. $70,000 to $79,999

_X_ d. $60,000 to $69,999

__ e. $50,000 to $59,999

__ f. $40,000 to $49,999

__ g. $30,000 to $39,999

__ h. this is a part-time appointment paying less than $30,000

__ i. this is an adjunct appointment paying less than $10,000


4. The number of students enrolled in each semester of the courses taught by the legal research

& writing professor will be: 

__ a. 30 or fewer

__ b. 31 - 35

_X_ c. 36 - 40

__ d. 41 - 45

__ e. 46 - 50

__ f. 51 - 55

__ g. 56 - 60

__ h. more than 60

Additional information about teaching load, including required or permitted

teaching outside of the legal research and writing program:  Included in the position description.  Faculty member may teach an additional 2 credit course.

hat tip:  Jeffrey Dodge, University of Idaho College of Law, Associate Dean of Students & Administration


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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

List of lawyers’ attributes includes the ability to communicate

FrommThe National Jurist recently published “The Fromm Six,” a list of attributes a lawyer needs to excel. Drafted by Leonard Fromm, the late dean of students at Indiana University’s law school, the list was meant to advise aspiring lawyers about the competencies they would need to succeed. Fifth on Fromm’s list is a topic at the very core of our courses: communicating and presenting, “The ability to present compelling arguments assertively and respectfully and sell one’s ideas to others.”


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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

on the move ...

Lucille-Jewel-115x150Lucy Jewel, currently an Associate Professor at John Marshall Law School in Atlanta, will be joining the faculty at the University of Tennessee School of Law this coming fall semester. In addition to teaching legal writing and other lawyering skills, she pursues scholarly interests that include the intersection of technology, rhetoric, and the law. Nice catch, Tennessee!  

hat tip: Michael Higdon




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Monday, April 22, 2013

time to register for the ALWD conference

Course_sidebarIt's time to make your travel reservations and register for ALWD's 2013 biennial conference. This year the conference takes place at Marquette's beautiful new law school, from June 26 - 28. In addition to the hotel option, you have the choice of staying in the Marquette dorms, just across the street from the conference and easier on the travel budget. Milwaukee is beautiful in June, and if you stay in town the night the conference ends, you can enjoy Summerfest, billed as "the world's largest music festival." In addition to flying or driving, don't forget that Milwaukee is easily accessible by train from Chicago (and most of the continent connects to Chicago by train).




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