Wednesday, July 3, 2013

legal writing's true rock star

Salamon.susanProving that legal writing really does rock, Susie Salmon, who teaches at the University of Arizona, just last week with her bandmates won the Arizona State Bar Battle of the Lawyer Bands. This band contest took place at the state bar convention, and Susie's band, the Gotes, came away with 1st place bragging rights and a $1,500 award check. In addition to her full-time role as assistant director of Arizona's legal-writing program, Susie is the lead singer of the band. If you click here, Susie is the singer at the microphone in the black dress. You can visit the band's Facebook page here.

hat tip:  Suzanne Rabe


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Prof Susie really "sold it" at the State Bar battle of bands. As in any good oral argument, preparation is the key. Susie was confident, sincere, and was totally prepared. Whether she was a "Material Girl", rocking in the "Jail House", talking to her "TV Boyfriend", "Fighting the Law", or attending a "White Wedding", Susie was great. Congrats to Susie and the Gotes.

Posted by: frank leto | Jul 23, 2013 1:53:41 PM

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