Saturday, July 13, 2013

Is the legal memo alive and well?

Kirsten Davis at Stetson has written a timely article as legal writing professors start preparing syllabi and assignments for the fall semester: "'The Reports of My Death are Greatly Exaggerated': Reading and Writing Objective Legal Memoranda in a Mobile Computing Age" .

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Here is the abstract:
"Is there any reason for lawyers to write legal memoranda, particularly when some lawyers report that they no longer value the 'traditional' legal memo? Does the legal memorandum – a common first writing project for law students – have any application whatsoever beyond the first year of law school? Does the usefulness of the memo decrease when it is read on a mobile device?

"This article takes issue with the idea that the 'traditional' legal memorandum is dead. It challenges lawyers, law faculty, and law students to think more deeply about the purposes of the legal memo, its role in modern legal practice, and its readability in a mobile computing world. And it offers a view of the legal memo that draws upon not only legal practice traditions but also upon the rules of ethics, rhetorical theory, cognitive science, and on-screen readability studies."

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