Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"What Kids Are Reading, In School And Out"

This All Things Considered piece about what kids are reading these days paints a pretty bleak picture. It quotes Eric Stickney, the educational research director for Renaissance Learning, who says, ""The complexity of texts [high school] students are being assigned to read has declined by about three grade levels over the past 100 years. A century ago, students were being assigned books with the complexity of around the ninth- or 10th-grade level. But in 2012, the average was around the sixth-grade level."

It's an interesting read (or listen), especially as I'm starting to prepare materials for my incoming class of 1Ls. But it's also worth reading the comments, which raise some interesting counterpoints about "reading levels" and what does and should constitute "classics" when it comes to high school reading.


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